Gary Bailey was employed by Peacocks Jewelers. He was an Independent Contractor for Zale's Jewelers. It was at this juncture Gary Bailey and Paul Little made acquaintance. A successful business partnership was initiated in 1993 opening their first store in South Park Mall. Shortly thereafter in 1995 a second store in Pierre Bossier Mall was opened. 2001 brought a store location on Youree Drive. It was 2003 when Gary and Paul opened the current location in the Emerald Plaza, Bossier City. A competent staff with a combined resume of experience of 177 years maintains Bailey's Jewelers as a forerunner in the industry. Gary Bailey designs, fabricates, and repairs jewelry. Paul Little manages, sales, and orders new product lines.

Gary Bailey

Gary Bailey hails from South Bossier City graduating from Parkway High School in 1975. He graduated from jewelry school in Paris Texas shortly afterwards founding a passion for the Jewelry business. Gary has been married for 24 years to Lynette Boudreaux. They enjoy life on the water at Lake Bistineau. Gary and Lynette have 2 sons Caleb and Cole. Dana, their daughter moved to heaven. She lives on in the hearts and memories of all that encountered her. She was, without a doubt, an extraordinary human being missed by so many that were touched by her kind warmheartedness. Dana gifted Gary with four grandsons. Gary's hobby is Competition. Football, Baseball, Disc Golf, or Kicking a Can, he is thrilled by competing. Participating, coaching, or watching an event on the television is engaged with passion by Mr. Bailey. Many donations to the community and charitable events have been the privilege of success Gary has provided.

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Paul Little

Paul Little graduated from Huntington High School, Shreveport, Louisiana in 1978. Graduating in 1981 with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautics from Northeast University, Monroe prepared him to be a partner in the Jewelry business. Paul has two sons, Paul III, Jeremy, and a daughter Jessica. An active member in his local church, Paul has supported many charitable organizations. Common with Gary, Paul has coached Xtreme Sports. He also coached for Evangel. Fishing is his new found passion though Paul is often busy taking care of his parents. He is a dedicated son and a blessing to Mr. & Mrs. Little. The Little family has acreage in South Bossier Parish providing one more set of tasks for the Aeronautical Jeweler. Paul moved to New Orleans for a spell and returned in 1993. Thus the Business Begins.

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Farley (Rest in Peace Sweet Pup)

The gift of Farley Bailey was recorded March 23, 2007 in Hall Summit, Louisiana. Departing his proud parents and four siblings Farley allowed Lynette and Gary Bailey to offer their family to him. At six weeks old the Bailey's learned quickly what was expected of them and in return his services would be provided. Caleb and Cole were also allowed to be a part of his loving family. Other than mushrooms, Farley never met a food he failed to love equally. He was patient to receive his portion of any meals bounty yet protective once it is rendered. Should his water or food bowl be neglected he insisted it was his obligation to push both across the floor to remind Gary. He was quick to proclaim that humans are adorable but extremely difficult to train. The adults warmed his heart, yet the children stole his very soul. His gentle wiggles of compassion soothed the children as their parents smiled reaching for their wallets. He showed no prejudice for any human holding a biscuit or treat. While he was partial to all he did hold some closer to his wiggle than others. His huge head, big brown eyes and infectious personality attracted sales from most all he encountered. A Love for all and a little extra for his favorites, kept them all coming back. His high intelligence quotient coupled with a loving nature opened doors, literally. He was not one to stand behind a closed door. If Gary was absent minded to leave him separate from a potential client, he'd open all the doors himself (literally) to be the Shining Salesman of the Year !!!

Last but not least Farley was a Frequent Flyer at the Disc Golf Course on the Clyde Fant Parkway. He left the discs to Gary as he flew to any visitor attending his event that particular day. He found great amusement in Gary raising his voice to "Come Back". After somewhat lengthy visits he waited for Gary to yell once more and would then run back to offer a sense of command to a very vocal human searching for control.

Our sweet Farley will be missed and will forever be in our hearts and all that visited him who he came to love over the years.